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WOMAN TO WOMAN psychotherapy for women by women in wimpole and harley street


Our team of female psychotherapists come from richly diverse backgrounds and have all had successful careers in varied areas like business and law. Together we can look back on a wealth of lifetime experiences – both personal and professional. What we have in common is our training in integrative psychotherapy and the goal to work with women who seek psychological help in a safe environment. We all adhere to the Code of Ethics and Practice of the UKCP. Our therapists:

About Us #01

Sabina Amiga

MA, PGDipPsy, ADipPsy,
UKCP Registered Psychotherapist

"Before committing myself to psychotherapy I have worked in law and business. My interest in forensic psychotherapy has led me to many difficult settings where I have learned how easily trauma such as abuse, loss and separation can be transferred from one generation to the next unless the sufferer gains an understanding in her situation. I am particularly concerned about a mother’s struggles to create secure attachment to her children – often resulting in their lifelong problems with building healthy relationships. A member of the International Association of Forensic Psychotherapy (IAFP), I remain dedicated to my work as a forensic psychotherapist at HMP Holloway.

I am an Integrative psychotherapist and as such might employ different ways of working depending on presenting issues: after a thorough assessment and history taking, I would then discuss how best to proceed in therapy. With both my private clients and NHS patients I am largely using the psychodynamic approach where we want to understand the impact of past events on present difficulties and explore the unconscious mind. This method works best open-ended but therapy could be also short-term where and when appropriate: my training in Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy and trauma work as an EMDR therapist allow me to focus on specific issues. I work in English and in German."

About Us #02

Anna Tierney

BSc (Psych), PGDipPsy, ADipPsy, UKCP & BACP Registered Psychotherapist, Certified Supervisor, EMDR therapist

I am an experienced psychotherapist and counsellor and have worked in a number of settings including private practice, the NHS and many years as a counsellor at Cruse Bereavement Care, where I am also a trainer and supervisor.

I care passionately about a person’s right to live as fulfilled a life as possible and have seen many times how therapy can help enable people to achieve this.

As an integrative psychotherapist I work mainly with a psychodynamic approach, seeing how the past affects our present and exploring the unconscious mind. In addition I bring other humanistic ways of working such as the person-centred approach. Where appropriate I will deal with trauma through the use of EMDR

Aside from my therapy training, I enjoyed a long career as a manager in the business sector both here and abroad. This brings an understanding of the world of work, the pressures on the individual and the family. I have had the privilege of living and working in different countries and experiencing different cultures and religions.

I work in English and Swedish.

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